We Buy Surplus

Utility Pole Solutions is always looking for additional surplus steel poles to add to its inventory. Either we will purchase the poles outright and remove them from your property, or we will add your poles to our Inventory List and sell the poles without immediately taking ownership.

Many utilities are in the habit of scrapping surplus poles. These poles have been removed from service or are just extras left over from a project. Selling us your surplus is friendlier to the environment as manufacturing poles takes an enormous amount of energy. Scrapping the steel does not recapture much of this energy. We always pay more than scrap value.

Surplus Poles for shorter lead times and lower costs

For schedule emergencies and lower costs, we offer a large selection of unused and refinished poles located across the US. 0-3 week total lead time.

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Short Lead Times for New Poles

We provide our clients exceptional pole products with dramatically-reduced lead times for new structures. We typically engineer, refurbish or fabricate, galvanize and ship most orders in less than 8 weeks

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Engineering to support pole projects

Our roots are in transmission design. Structure and foundation design support available.

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