Emergency Restoration

Steel poles for emergencies

We cannot control Mother Nature, but we can control how quickly we respond with materials and manpower. Utility Pole Solutions delivers steel poles for emergencies in 1-3 days. We stock steel poles through Hurricane Alley and elsewhere across the US enabling us to get steel poles to most customers in two days. Our quickest delivery was 22 hours after the initial phone call. As a transmission engineering company, we are experienced with finding solutions to get your lines back in service.

See our Current Inventory page for hundreds of poles available for immediate delivery. Is it time to add us to your Emergency Response Plan?

Shoo-fly and Emergency Restoration Poles

Our Emergency Restoration Poles offer ultimate versatility for planned and emergency line repair or replacement.

  • Lengths from 145′ to 245′
  • Voltage up to 500 kV
  • Multiple vang, arm, insulator, and guy attachment options
  • Direct-bury for quick and economic installation and removal
  • Immediate shipping and leasing options are available

Click here to view a detailed drawing.

Steel Poles

Shoo-fly Poles

Emergency Restoration Poles

Emergency Restoration Poles Drawing